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Iceberg Licking Society is a community of like-minded individuals that travel all over the world in search of quality icebergs to lick.

"The feeling of licking something over 15,000 years old really grounds you as a human being, bringing forth newfound energy, straight from Mother Nature herself." - Gregor

Global Warming

ILS have witnessed a steady, decade-long decline of lick-able opportunities due to global warming. Senior members report that the sensation of licking an iceberg is not what it used to be. Rising temperatures around the world have made ice wetter and warmer to the touch, which is endangering the desirability and satisfaction of the iceberg lick.

Our Mission

Reimagining what society can do at-large to help preserve icebergs, therefore ensuring current and future lickers' rights. Join us if you, too, seek to protect the iceberg licking experience.

Charity Partner

ILS are proud to have partnered with Landvernd, the leading environmental NGO in Iceland. In the last two decades, Landvernd’s efforts have increasingly concentrated on protecting Iceland’s unique wilderness and landscapes. The ILS SHOP will be donating half of all proceeds to all the work that Landvernd is doing to combat environmental issues, whilst the other half will be allocated to ILS for future documentation of the society’s inner-workings.

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